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Sleep Drops

Mission Statement: To Create Cutting Edge Naturopathic Sleeping Products.


Why Sleep Drops?

SleepDrops are an award winning NZ made mix and match range of all-natural sleep and stress remedies to provide support during times of stress and sleeplessness. SleepDrops is New Zealand’s number one selling sleep range and has been supporting people to sleep better for over 10 years.

Insomnia or sleep disturbance or lack of sleep is a growing epidemic and Kirsten Taylor (Founder) and her team are dedicated to supporting everybody get to sleep and stay asleep. There are now over 80 recognised medical conditions known as sleep disorders. Many of these sleep disorders can be improved by using natural products to bring about balance in the body.


“I just loooove these products and have been a real game changer for me having had years of sleeping difficulties and great to know they are made with organic ingredients”
… Lesley Dobson